Amusements Parks Not Just For Fun But Also Educational

School Holiday Activities

Have you ever experienced butterflies in your belly on a Free Fall ride? – Well, there is a lot of science associated with this fun-filled excitement. Amusement parks are rapidly becoming more meaningful and interactive, rather than just being memorable. If you are planning an educational tour for the kids that require a venue hire with catering, amusement parks can be an option to consider as they provide educational and fun activities, and healthy food.

Amusements parks are spending so much to make these parks not just for fun but also educative.

Most of us already know that recreational parks and their rides are based on acceleration, gravitational force and newton’s first law of motion. Beside these theories, amusement park designers are ready to bring up new trends. Multiple ride paths, interactive themes and game engines, and use of innovative technologies and science-based approaches– is the new generation of amusement concept. Many amusement parks, such as LEGOLAND, are already eco-friendly by using renewable energy for its functioning. They are also cutting down on designs so that there is minimal use of water, material waste and energy – yet keeping the thrill alive with newer technology and digitisation. To make the experience educational, many parks are offering environmental and animal lessons. The complete makeover of the existing parks involves considerable costs but is worthy.

Kids learn more when they enjoy

Physics on the go -racing down the Jack Rabbit and determining what could have been the maximum velocity, create so much anxiousness and curiosity amongst young learners. To make the rides more engaging, amusement parks will be darker in the future. Your kid will be given the freedom to think differently and won’t be required to follow the same path as others do. It won’t be just enjoyment, but also, gives a psychological boost to the child and helps him to learn how to adapt to challenging situations. Many parks also organise fun exhibits and shows which develop kids creativity. For instance, many parks often host events like musical and light shows, concerts, dancing and a gamut of other activities like treasure hunting and more. Upon successful learning of concepts, the kids can also be awarded a certificate of appreciation for participating in the learning activities.

Theme based amusement parks

Many parks, including Disney’s, organise camps that explain the science behind the rides. Soon, amusement parks will have interactive educational stations that will demonstrate the concept of these rides as well as give hands-on activities to the kids for better understanding and real experience.

Students can understand physical concepts and science through self-guided activity stations. ‘Behind the Scenes’ – is the new fad in the amusement world. For example, amusement parks like Busch, explains to kids about the science behind roller coasters in a much transparent way. While rides such as carousel are based on small accelerations, on the other hand, giants such as roller coasters are based on large accelerations and rapid change in directions and speed.

Another example is Hershey Park, which dedicates certain days for maths, science, physics or environment. Several workshops and fun-filled activities based on the subjects are conducted for both teachers and children. Besides one-on-one learning, children must be given follow-up assignments so that they can remember their journey at the park and the associated topics for the rest of their life. On Education Days, one can learn about subjects like Zoology and History as well. Cheerleading teams and Ballroom conquerors can also take part in annual fests. With every step you take, you can also see many fitness delights and fun learning activities in top trending parks.

What’s new in Rides?

Traditionally, while Bumper Cars can be a perfect place to experience laws of motion in action, Carousels can teach you about centripetal and centrifugal forces. The more the rides are close to nature, the more exciting it becomes. Jungle treks, waterfall rides and pirate adventures are a real thrill. But, in 2017, the parks will be more exciting by introducing Virtual Reality rides. You will be provided with VR headsets, and you could feel your favourite superhero, flying just next to you. 3D Technology, 270-degree hairpin turns, SFX coasters, tilt tracks, multiple inversions and night vision (especially those based on ghosts, witches and dark spells) fun has made these delights an extra spark. The next generation rides have the capacity of reaching speeds as high as 80mph.

Food at amusement parks

The deteriorating health of kids and their imbalanced nutrition uptake is becoming a rising global concern. To contribute to the least, many recreational parks have already started serving healthy food – cutting low on carbs and fats and stressing more on proteins, vitamins and minerals. However, this doesn’t mean that the kids will miss all the fun. Various amusement parks have a built-in facility for dining, shopping and entertainment all under one roof.

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Benefits of Using a Marquee for Your Event

Image of Marquees in an event

We all dream of a fancy wedding or hosting an event worth remembering. Be it an end of year party, a family gathering or an anniversary. We all have the same desire to make it the best it can be.

Well, it has never been easier. You can hire marquees (a large tent for social and formal gatherings) and wine barrel furniture for your event, and it will be an event not to forget.


The Advantages

Marquees have a number of advantages, and hiring saves you the money to purchase one. It also saves you the cost of hiring an expensive hall to host and adds a touch of elegance to your anniversary. Actually, you can host it in your own backyard. I used a one for my anniversary, and it was an experience like no other. Here is why I would use it again.



Having hosted the event in my own backyard, it spoilt me for the choice for which marquee to choose and where to locate it.

With marquees, you can meet all of your needs, and you do not have to worry about Mother Nature.

You can choose from various types of marquees. If you want maximum natural lighting, you can go for one with a clear roof but if not, you can always have personalised lighting that suits your event. If you want it disco themed or LED lights on a black drape to create a sky like effect, marquees are the thing for you. As an added advantage, marquees don’t suffer power outages because they depend on generators for power. It saves you the embarrassment from power outages.

Marquees also give you total control over the look of your event. You can choose the size that fits your quests, location, flooring and also if the marquee should have windows or not. With the customisation option, you will pay less to have the look changed unlike in hired halls.


Take advantage of the view

Image of a nice scenery

With marquees, you can bring the outside in, especially if your backyard has a beautiful scenery. To take advantage of this, you can choose clear walled marquees.



With marquees, you can choose to locate your event anywhere and away from interruptions. Making it ideal and you can even play music without having to deal with noise complaints.


No, or very few restrictions

Nobody wants the party ending too early. And this is within reason. This might be the only time you get to have this much fun and just let go. Furthermore, it is your anniversary, where having as much fun as is allowed.

With most hired venues, almost all the time, you have to book them in advance and you cannot extend the time limits. There are also noise limiters. But with marquees strategically located, the party can go on an entire night, giving you a night to remember. I know I did.



When you hire a marquee, you do not have to be restricted to the caterers that come with the venue. You can hire a caterer who can arouse your taste buds and fits into your budget.


You don’t have to worry about chairs and tables

If you do not have enough seats and tables to fit your quests, worry not. A good marquee company will always provide these alongside the tableware such as wine barrel furniture. For what use will be a marquee, if they can’t provide the essentials. If you have a large multitude, you can always hire some extra seats.

With marquees, you can have different seating arrangements. You can have sofas for the bar. You can also avail your options with the indoor and outdoor option, especially if the weather allows it.



Image of a wallet

Most event venues are quite expensive to hire and come with compromises such as space and noise limiters. Couple this with the transportation costs you have to incur and the expensive drinks provided at the venue, the price skyrockets. On the other hand, marquees are cost effective. By hosting the anniversary in your backyard, you save some money, as you don’t have to hire a ground.

With a marquee, you can work around your budget and ensure that it meets all the necessary requirements. Unless you want every mod con included, a marquee event should be a very cost effective event.


My Recommendation

So, for my next anniversary; a marquee or hire a venue? It has to be a marquee anytime. I did not feel the pinch pocket wise, and I had a blast for an event. My quests are now seeking advice on how to do it themselves. So, if you want an anniversary to remember, hire a marquee.

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How to Find Right Spot to Install Solar Panels?

Trying to find out where should you install the solar panel? Position, placement, and orientation are important factors when it comes to the installation of the solar panels. If you are insisting on placing your solar panels horizontally by the side of your house, you certainly can, but would that make sense?

Eurosolar Global - a good solar panel company

For such a big investment that promises to give the great return on investment, it is important to take some time to carefully analyse and determine the best spot for installation of the panel. Placement is a big deal, and we can consult professionals from big companies, like Eurosolar Global, for that matter.

Well, you probably have seen most of the panels on the rooftop. There is a solid reason for installing panels on the rooftops. Fret not; they can be installed anywhere depending on several factors.


So, here’s the equation. You think whether you can install the solar panel at the spot you want or not. Well, if I were you, I would rather be thinking where to install the solar panel to get the best results and maximum advantage. These benefits would save you many bucks, reducing carbon-dioxide footprint, you will feel good that you are generating your power.

Generally, solar panels are installed on the rooftops, but they can also be installed on the ground, over parking lots and outer corridors, or even close to walls. Any of these positions are possible, but that depends on the setting of your property and the threshold energy required for solar panels to work. Various factors determining the position and orientation are:


  • The direction at which the roof or property is facing: The direction at which the roof is facing is quite important. If it faces the direction that gets the maximum sunlight, then it’s all good. But if the direction is just not right chances are you won’t be able to make most of the benefits.
  • The angle or tilt of the roof: The angle or tilt of the roof is also very important. If your roof is tilted so much or its structure is somehow different, then it may be very hard to install the solar panels in there. If the roof is designed in such a way that it doesn’t face the sun at most of the times of the day, then the benefits would be minimal.
  • The strength of the roof: It is also important to consider the strength of the roof. If the roof is not strong enough to withstand the solar panels for a long time or if your roof is failing then it is not the best place to install the solar panels. Simple rule for installing solar panels is; install it at a place where it gets the maximum sunlight, and the panels stay safe.
  • Type of weather that hits the area: If you live in some place where you hardly see a bright sunny day then it would be a waste to invest so much in the installation of the solar panels. Solar panels are only beneficial where there is sunlight at most of the times of the year. Do not install the solar panels on the roof if the weather gets harsh as it may damage the panels.
  • Obstructions (if any): Just make sure that the solar panel is getting the sunlight directly from the sun. There should be no obstructions. If there are any, just remove them so the solar panel could get the full sunlight directly from the sun.

The reason the solar panels are installed on the roof is that, at rooftops, the solar panels receive the maximum sunlight. But if the roof doesn’t have enough space so in those cases, they are installed on the grounds.


Another thing to keep in mind while installing the solar panels is making sure that there is no shading. For example, you have installed the solar panel where it would receive the maximum sunlight, and you have ensured that there is no obstruction in your house that might get in the way of solar panels receiving the sunlight. But that’s not enough. You need to make sure that there is no obstruction in your neighbourhood as well that might obstruct. If there is shading throughout the day because of some reason, then the solar panels wouldn’t generate much power.

If you have troubles figuring out what the best place to install the solar panel would be then, it is best to ask a professional and get his assistance in addition to your observation and analysis. You would have a better understanding this way. A solar expert can make the calculations and can tell the amount of shade that falls on your house, and he would find the best place to install the solar panel.

So, what is the best spot to install the solar panels? Well, I’d say it depends on. But finding out the best location for installing the solar panel can be quite easy.

Not every house can have solar panels

Well, many conditions should be met before you go and install a solar panel. Unfortunately, not everyone can install a solar panel. It may be because of several reasons like they don’t have enough room to install the panel or the house is at a place that doesn’t get the sun throughout the years or the house is structured in such a way that the panel is impossible to install. Now, in cases, where there is no enough room to install the panels, people can buy things or appliances that can be charged through sunlight or they can use devices or appliances that require less space.

For example, they can use solar cookers to cook food as it doesn’t require much of the space. They can make use of the solar lamps that are charged in sunlight. Not only would they lighten your house, but they can also be used to charge the other devices that run on electricity.

I hope you find the article useful. Thank You.

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